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Vegan Kit – Face Mask and Stem Cell Serum

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Vegan Stem Cell Face Mask

  • Revive and restore your skin with this refreshingly pure face mask treatment, infused with organic plant extracts. The enriching properties of the natural ingredients increase elasticity and actively regenerate your skin cells for a supremely smooth texture. After just 15 minutes, your skin is nourished and hydrated, with a visible glow. This compact set of 4 masks is great for travel too!
  • Size: Set of 4

Vegan Stem Cell Serum 15ml

Carefully selected natural ingredients come together in this uniquely effective formula to lighten and heal your skin, and even actively reverse the aging process! Rich proteins help to regenerate cells so that your skin is regularly rejuvenated and hydrated. Moisturizing and anti-aging properties are proven to dramatically enhance skin tone and texture, reduce pigmentation and imperfections, and improve the appearance of pores. Active ingredients repair the skin, smooth out wrinkles and stimulate elasticity, for an unparalleled glow!

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